$DOWN - Social Tokens 2.0
$DOWN (Down Vault Token) is a first-of-its-kind tokenomics experiment, combining nested NFTs and fractional ownership with the core concept of a social token associated with a creator.
$DOWN is a fractional token representing ownership of an NFT "vault" containing assorted digital assets.

$DOWN is also an experimental social token, which is the first social token of its kind, but is essentially the same as any other creator/influencer/community token; with the exception of its provable link to supporting assets.

$DOWN is soft-capped at 10,000,000 tokens; with 1,000,000 deposited to the underlying vault.
Hypothetically, assets added to the vault improve the value of the ERC-20; thereby increasing the value of the vault's assets.

Read that again.

The token is deployed via Fractional, and extended cross-chain via Chainport.
$DOWN will be highly utilitarian; with additional benefits and use-cases being explored regularly.

The $DAOwn ($DOWN DAO), custodians of an initial allocation of 15% of the token's supply, may use the DAO treasury to acquire valuable assets to be added to the vault which underpins the value of $DOWN.

The nature of public blockchains also allows anyone to deposit any asset, at any time.
$DOWN earned by BruceTheGoose via sales, services, DeFi yields, etc. will have 5% sent to the $DOWN vault (aka 'black hole'), and 20% split between the DAO treasury and community incentives/rewards pool.
2 yr. vesting
2 yr. vesting
Price Pressure ↗
2-3 year Distribution
Coming Soon!
DAO Managed
Quarterly for 1 yr.
Payroll Allocation
Robust Utilities by Default
$DOWN has launched with more viable utility than most mainstream NFT/Crypto projects; and over time additional and more valuable utilities and integrations will be explored. 
HODL'ers who are providing liquidity for $DOWN across various pairs and exchanges will have the opportunity to stake their LP tokens to earn more $DOWN, as well as the potential to earn additional tokens and exclusive NFTs.
NFT Marketplace
Currently in development, $DOWN The Block will be an NFT marketplace for 1:1 art and curated collections; exclusively accessible to $DOWN hodl'ers, with all primary sales offered for $DOWN.
$DOWN hodl'ers are entitled to gain early access to various projects from BruceTheGoose and DappGoose Labs, as well as future events taking place IRL and in the Metaverse. 
Periodically, BruceTheGoose and collaborating artists will design and produce limited edition merchandise available only to HODL'ers of $DOWN. 
$DOWN will fuel a competitive gaming ecosystem, utilizing existing protocols to create decentralized tournaments and wager games with code-mandated payouts and tourney brackets.
$DOWN hodl'ers with true strength in their diamond hands will have the chance to win monthly giveaways; as well as randomly distributed airdrops.
When requesting consulting sessions, art commissions, or other paid services from @xbrucethegoose, enjoy a 15% discount when paying in $DOWN .
Additional utilities will continue to be added to $DOWN to further prove the superiority of a token with a decentralized manner of value accrual.
Our Committment
$DOWN, along with our current and future partners/initiatives, are committed to opposing the narrative that blockchain is any worse for the planet than Amazon, Google, or central banks. With that in mind, $DOWN has been carbon-neutral since it's deployment, and will make ongoing efforts to become, and remain, climate positive.

In pursuit of that goal, $DOWN will be primarily traded and incentivized on energy-efficient proof of stake L2 EVM networks, and potenitally climate-concious layer ones. To that effect, our earliest launched liquidity, and liquidity incentives (as well as various other community rewards mechanisms) have been deployed to Polygon, with an upcoming expansion to Optimism.  In addition, we've deployed liquidity that pairs $DOWN with $BCT [base carbon tonnes], which can be staked to earn additional $DOWN.
Smart-Contract Addresses:


  • MAINNET : 0xFC3514474306e2D4aa8350fD8FA9c46c165fe8cD
  • POLYGON : 0xa584484f422bfc2128566f8f954b7f2e31e94cc8
  • OPTIMISM : Coming Soon

Creator's Statement
Hi, I'm BruceTheGoose,

$DOWN is my brainchild; as well as being my "social token"; and potentially a new model for social token issuance; where the token is intrinsically liinked to a number of my artworks and some of my most valuable NFTs.

I've been in NFTs full-time since 2019; as an artist, a collector, a start-up founder, and much more, with my art exhibited in at least 4 physical exibitions as of April '22, included in several NFT project's and criticized by Jerry Saltz.

Aside from visual art, I also create music, write poetry, dabble in world-building in the Metaverse, and am a Pastafarian priest.

At the project's inception, my goal for the first year is to, as a community, add no less than 1.000.000 in value to the $DOWN Vault, in the form of tokens from multiple chains, yield bearing (and autocompunding) assets, and valuable NFTs to include a variety of projects in addition to my own art.

Meet the Team
[the humans making too many goose jokes at the office]
Max Holden
Founder & Art Director
Wallace Javier
Customer Support
A goose we found.
(lowkey he's fuckin mean)
Carlos Lott
Marketing Director