Projects Overview
BruceTheGoose has been deeply involved in nearly every sector of Web 3.0 since discovering the NFT space near the end of 2019. During this time, they've founded and built several indie projects, created experimental tokenomics formats, and released a diverse range of NFTs from single edition artworks, to memes, to full-blown generative collections. The most notable of these creations are showcased below; with others listed for the sake of being thorough.
$DOWN Vault Token
$DOWN Vault token is an innovative new approach to the concept of 'social tokens'. Instead of being solely reliant on speculation to establish value, $DOWN is issued as an NFT fractions token, with the underlying NFT functioning as an on-chain, smart-contract secured multicoin wallet. This novel format is then augmented with a variety of additional features designed to result in a positive sum ecosystem for the associated individual(s) as well as holders and contributors.
30-50 Feral Hogs
Inspired by the viral tweets that spawned as a result of a midwestern American replying to a gun-control tweet by a popular musician, implying that without assault weapons there would be no effective defense against the packs of 30-50 feral hogs that would charge into his yard while his children were playing outside.

The collection has been created end-to-end as a solo project by BruceTheGoose; with minting currently live.
Game of KEKs

A perfect solution for any time you need a little rain on your parade, or need someone to bring you back down to earth when you've got your head in the clouds; Un-Spiration is a unique NFT collection made up of 333 "motivational" quotes, curated from a sporadic pool of thousands generated by a primitive AI since 2020.

Launched on Optimism; but pending relaunch because we botched it. Really, it figures. COMING SOON.
CryptoPepes are a just-for-fun PFP project created by BruceTheGoose, and offered as a free mint with a total supply of 3332. CryptoPepes were created as pixel art in a front facing avatar style to serve as an ode to the OG NFT project CryptoSkulls, and of course, to the true OG of the NFT era, Pepe the Frog.
Monkey Business
It's the ape-themed memecoin we've all been secretly waiting for; with a $DOWN ecosystem twist! $APESYN is an NFT fractions token, representing proportional ownership of an underlying basket of 20+ BAYC derivatives and BAYC-reliant NFTs. $APESYN (*apes in*) has been deployed to function as a rewards token within the $DOWN Vault ecosystem, to prevent farm-to-dump ponzinomics, while still offering rewardees "real yield" in the form of NFT fractions.