Meaningful Creations
NFT's created for a specific purpose and/or for a specific person. The NFT's featured on this page will never be sold on the primary market, and will have a high royaly setup to discourafe their intended recipients from sells, and to hopefully prevent greedy individuals taking them all at once.
I've never hestitated to acknowledge that the NFT space, and more specifically the cryptoart community, legitimately saved me from myself at the start of 2020. As someone who has dealt with mental health issues for as long as I can remember, I know with absolute certainty that, had I not found my way into the NFT rabbit-hole, where I was welcomed into a community unlike any other I've ever experienced, that the events of 2020 (both globally and in my own personal life) would have been 'the last straw' and I wouldn't be here today to be writing this. So, whether you've been in NFT's since Rare Pepe's were being traded on Bitcoin's counterparty network, or we just recently met, or even if you'd never heard of BruceTheGoose before a few days ago and you've found your way here; THANK YOU. I owe my life, my freedom, and my utmost gratitude to this community; and I will continue to do everything reasonably possible to pay it forward.
EOY 2020 - BruceTheGoose´╗┐
An attempt to express the appreciation I feel for the NFT community, and will spend my life trying to live up to.