Bruce Woodruff
(aka BruceTheGoose)

CryptoArtist / NFT Specialist / Web 3.0 Advocate / Pastafarian Priest

Founder/CEO: NFThub

Founder: The Nifty Pride Foundation

Bruce Woodruff
AKA Brucethegoose
Multimedia NFT Artist

Founder & CEO of NFThub
Bruce is a well-known and important member of the NFT community; and has been working in the space full time since shortly after entering it in late 2019. While primarily known as a visual artist and NFT collector, Bruce also makes music, maintains a handful of different blogs, and hosts a podcast about the NFT ecosystem.

Their work has been hosted at, showcased by, or included in a wide variety of platforms and projects; some of which include : Known Origin, Terra Virtua, Async Art, Foundation, and more.

In addition to being a creator and community pillar, Bruce is the Founder/CEO of NFThub, a platform dedicated to streamlining the adoption, discovery and education surrounding all things NFT; and they are also the Founder/Chairperson of the Nifty Pride Foundation.
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A self-curated selection of recent and available works by BruceTheGoose.
Collaborators and Clients
BruceTheGoose has worked closely with, or contributed to, a growing number of projects, platforms, and collections within the NFT space; with a full list available at this link.
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