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Bruce Woodruff
(aka BruceTheGoose)

CryptoArtist / NFT Specialist / Web 3.0 Advocate / Pastafarian Priest

Founder/CEO: NFThub

Founder: The Nifty Pride Foundation

Bruce Woodruff
AKA Brucethegoose
Multimedia NFT Artist

Founder & CEO of NFThub
Bruce is a well-known and important member of the NFT community; and has been working in the space full time since shortly after entering it in late 2019. While primarily known as a visual artist and NFT collector, Bruce also makes music, maintains a handful of different blogs, and hosts a podcast about the NFT ecosystem.

Their work has been hosted at, showcased by, or included in a wide variety of platforms and projects; some of which include : Known Origin, Terra Virtua, Async Art, Foundation, and more.

In addition to being a creator and community pillar, Bruce is the Founder/CEO of NFThub, a platform dedicated to streamlining the adoption, discovery and education surrounding all things NFT; and they are also the Founder/Chairperson of the Nifty Pride Foundation.
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A self-curated selection of recent and available works by BruceTheGoose.
Collaborators and Clients
BruceTheGoose has worked closely with, or contributed to, a growing number of projects, platforms, and collections within the NFT space; with a full list available at this link.
BruceTheGoose, after being approached by a number of NFT projects and communities, as well as several brands and upcoming projects, is now offering private consultations and project advisory services. Reach out with the provided link to learn how NFTs can benefit your brand/company/community, inquire about introductions to various movers and shakers in the NFT industry, or to learn more about the benefits of various blockchain networks and how this technology is affecting nearly every industry on the planet.
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