Bruce Woodruff aka BruceTheGoose
Bruce Woodruff aka BruceTheGoose
Bruce Woodruff; better known as brucethegoose(.eth) is a multi-disciplinary digital artist, NFT evangelist, and blockchain enthusiast who first encountered the non-fungible token concept late in 2019, and has been fully immersed in numerous aspects of the crypto/NFT industry, as well as a contributor to, advisor for, or founder of a growing number of platforms/projects. They are originally from a small rural town in upstate NY, near the city of Buffalo, and currently live in Miami, FL, where they passionately advocate for NFTs with the local art community.
Bruce is a "man of many hats"...
who has been deeply involved in the NFT space since their introduction to the technology late in 2019. Among other roles, they are an "OG" cryptoartist, an avid NFT trader/collector, the founder of several Web 3.0/NFT native initiatives and startups, and a public speaker at virtual and 'real-world' crypto, Web 3.0, and NFT based events and publications. Their determination and drive has led to their recent inclusion in the Brainz 500 Global Awards; an expertly curated list of the world's top 500 entrepreneurs, businesses, and brands, recognized for their success and expertise in their field.

Their artwork has been exhibited in over half-a-dozen IRL art galleries/exhibitions, held by some of the most influential cryptoart collectors in the space, included in a growing number of NFT projects/protocols, and was once criticized publicly by Jerry Saltz.

From their perspective, the NFT space completely changed, and very likely saved their life; and they have committed themself to improving the artists' experience as well as the mainstream awareness and adoption of these incredibly powerful technologies. 

They are the founder of NFThub, the Nifty Pride Foundation, $DOWN Vault token (and the social tokens 2.0 framework), Feral Hog Yard Club, and several other miscellaneous projects, as well as of DappGoose Labs, an R&D studio native to Web 3, and a unifying 'brand umbrella' for their portfolio of initiated or acquired projects.
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