Meet the Artist
A more personal look into the man behind the goose....
Who is BruceTheGoose?
Bruce Woodruff [aka BruceTheGoose] is a Miami Beach based digital artist and NFT enthusiast. They are originally from the Buffalo, NY region, where they were born and raised in a rural town named Holland. Before becoming involved in the NFT industry, Bruce worked in a variety of different industries; most notably as a chef, school and training for which are their only formal higher education. Within the NFT space, Bruce fills a large number of roles. Their primary focus is on their visual art, but they also write long-form fictional and non-fiction content, occasionally create music, and perform a variety of consulting and coaching services.

Bruce first discovered the NFT space late in 2019, while researching the possibility of accepting bitcoin as a payment method for an online store that soon after closed its doors to allow them to focus solely on NFTs, which they saw as having the potential to disrupt countless industries.

Since minting their first NFT early in the spring of 2020, BruceTheGoose has been pursuing NFTs as a full-time career, and has been very deeply involved with the early days of the NFT community's development. Bruce has sold over 250 original artworks as NFTs, and has had their work collected by some of the most prominent collectors of early NFT art.

Bruce has worked with a large number of NFT brands, projects, and collections over the course of their time in the NFT space; as an artist, an advisor, and a variety of other roles. They are also the proud owner of BAYC #8517, MAYC #18806, at least 20 CryptoSkulls, and a few thousand other various NFTs when considering the growing number of blockchains they're collecting on.

Career Highlights : 2020
  • Organized and held the world's first-ever Metaverse Pride Parade and art exhibition; Nifty Pride 2020.
  • Established the Nifty Pride Foundation, and the Nifty Pride Center for the Arts
  • Founded NFThub
  • Chosen to create art for the CatchNOM's Masterworks series
  • Contributed art to CryptoTwerpz
  • Collaborated with 31 other artist's for the Async Art Kitty Collab (and again in 2021)
  • Interviewed about NFTs' impact on digital artists by
  • "The Trash Supper" hailed as 'the seminal piece of the #trashart movement"
  • Launched the world's first monthly NFT subscription "Goose Gang"
  • Among the earliest creators to issue a social token
  • Chosen as 1 of 63 Enjin Envoys (from among thousands of applicants)
  • Assisted in the launch and growth of AGAH
  • Present during the conversation that led to the launch of $SHIB
  • One of the earliest users to publish music on Audius
  • Helped establish the Rarible Ambassador program
  • First solo project on Async Art was purchased by Metakovan
  • Launch partner for $WHALE
  • Speaker at the first blockchain-focused Cutting Edge Games conference
  • Helped organize the first-ever NFT hackathon
  • First independent artist to create a Wildcards NFT

BruceTheGoose is, in addition to being an artist and musician, the founder/creator of a number of Web 3.0 or NFT projects; with still others planned or being developed.
Organized for the first time in November 2021, NFT Miami is an annual NFT conference and celebration hosted in Miami, Florida. Inspired by the now famous NFT NYC, NFT MIA is held just a few days before the opening ceremonies of Miami's annual Art Basel festival. While NFT NYC aims to bring together industry leaders, CEOs, VCs, and professional investors; NFT Miami focuses on the creator economy, and in celebrating and onboarding artists, musicians, content creators and art collectors. 
Save the Date
GemSkvllz is a generative NFT collection with groundbreaking and never-before-seen utilities.  Instead of the value of the assets being primarily speculative, approximately 10% of minted GemSkvllz can be redeemed by the owner in order to have a physical gemstone shipped to their residence.  BruceTheGoose co-founded the project, and is project's creative director and leading artist.